Visitors FAQ

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We hope that our bellow FAQ help you find the answers to most pressing questions you have, and help you make better decisions on world blockchain expo choice. We provide answers to questions related to World Blockchain Expo (WBE)

When is the next Event will be taken place

Next World Blockchain Expo will take place in in Singapore  and it will be hosting. Singapore has become a major trading hub, and blockchain could enhance its status by simplifying record-keeping for moving goods worldwide

What are the opening times of the event?

World Blockchain Expo – Singapore will be taken place from 08:00 Am to 05:00PM.
The closing time of the event might change, it all depend on the speaking agenda but all the updated agenda and information will be listing in the schedule page 

What is the World Blockchain Expo Covid-19 entry policy?

Your safety is our priority at the World Blockchain Expo (WBE). To ensure peace of mind and to maximize safety we have created some straight-forward additional measures that we respectfully ask all attendees to comply with, Such as Mask wearing and social distancing.

How do I register for the event?

We are very keep to keep you one of our blockchain community.
The following are the registration forms for:

How many people will attend?

Singapore blockchain expo is region’s leading blockchain event and part of the series of world’s largest gathering blockchain enthusiast. It is one day conference, exhibition, and expo where 3000+ blockchain enthusiasts, 40 tech visionaries and 21 different countries will take part to discuss the blockchain applications in various industries and though main focus will be on Fintech development

Can I view the event's agenda?

Yes sure, all details of event, timeline, schedule Agenda can be found in the agenda section 

What's the best way to hear the latest news from WBE?

Visit our social media pages to view the latest & updated news about the World Blockchain Expo




Who is speaking at the event?

We have great list of speakers, the list be keep updating on daily bases, kindly check our speaking section

View the list of speakers here

Can I speak at/sponsor future events?

You can find more details about getting involved here

You can also get in touch with the team via:

Do you have wheelchairs available?

Wheelchairs will be available at the information desk on a first come, first served basis. Wheelchairs will be cleaned and sanitized after each use

Is photography allowed in World Blockchain Expo?

Non-commercial and commercial photography is always allowed in World Blockchain Expo. visitors, Attendees  and sponsor can take Video or Photo as much as they which and we don’t have any objection for that.