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NFT ownership in UAE rise the global average to double

06/07/2022    0 comment

As per a recent survey conducted by Finder.com, the percentage of people who own a non-fungible token (NFT) in the United Arab Emirates is more than double the global average. The survey polled 1,004 people in the UAE and found that 23 percent of those own at least one NFT. UAE came in as number 4th country of those surveyed in terms of NFT ownership. Philippines came in as number one country.

The average rate of NFT ownership around the world was found to be 11.7 percent. The UAE ranked fourth-highest in the list, behind the Philippines (32 percent), Thailand (27 percent), and Malaysia (24 percent).

NFT ownership was found to be higher in lower-income countries, with the UAE a notable exception.

The US was second-last on the list with only 2.8 percent of Americans owning NFTs.

Almost half (43 percent) of the people surveyed from the UAE knew what NFTs were and 11.5 percent planned to own them in the future.

Men in most countries surveyed were more likely to own NFTs than women, with the exception of Thailand and Venezuela.

The UAE has seen a proliferation of companies who are either setting up NFT marketplaces or purchasing NFTs. For example Cheeze NFT entertainment recently raised funding, UAE Based Infinity8 has also been active in the NFT space. These are just examples of a growing ecosystem in the UAE.

Even UAE Islamic Digital Art agency is utilizing NFTs, and most recently UAE virtual art space in the Metaverse will be incorporating NFT

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